Monday, June 25, 2007


We all dream, literally, when we are asleep.Some of us remember them , some dont . Some are in eastman colour , some in black and white. Some are lucid, and some are not. But everyone dreams! There are a few dreams that come to us very often , the same message , but a little different in approach. personally for me , dreams are a very intergal part of my life. It gives me something to ponder upon the whole day. Sometimes i just wait to sleep , because i get such beautiful dreams and sometimes im scared to even close my eyes.
The most frequent dreams i get are about the UFO's, Space ships, Rockets and Jet planes. And the others are about the hide tides and water.And some are about flying constantly over the building (like spiderman or superman).
still havent been able to decode them.
if anyone has a clue to it, please write back. Also the dreams that you get would be interseting to read.

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  1. According to Sigmund Freud, dreams show us our desires (covert or overt). What we can't do in real life, our brain lets us do that in dreams. The interpretation of your dreams is therefore, to fly, to ride high tides, to fly a UFO etc.