Thursday, June 7, 2007

Is technology spoiling us?

when we were kids, sleeping under the fan was not a problem.but why is that now its so difficult to sleep without the Air conditioner ? Never had mobiles earlier, then why is that it we start feeling jittery when the mobile is on low - battery?
have we become slaves to the technology, or is it for our good!?

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  1. Technology is a tool which we use to make our life comfortable, easy and productive, IF used judiciously. However, eventually we may take it for granted, and thus feel discomforted when confronted with the "natural". My american office colleague was complaining about the hot and humid environment of Houston (sitting indoors, air conditioned). I told her the current temperature of Delhi, and she hasn't talked about weather since then.

    Another aspect is getting too much indulged in technology. Computer addiction, gaming addiction, internet addiction, phone/SMS addiction and you name it. These are not imaginary phrases - they're actually well-defined and well-used in psychiatric literature by doctors all over the world for many years now. In fact, my thesis is on internet addiction!

    Everyone needs to take a walk in the street after long hours of computer work. In summary, whenever we use technology, we must view it as a "comfort", and never take it for granted.