Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What is the meaning of life?

At 29, I'm too young to ponder over this question. "What is the meaning of life?". If I do, I'm either a budding philosopher, or dead already. Nevertheless, I feel each one of us has a different meaning of life.

For a scholar, the meaning of life is knowledge.
For a soldier, the meaning of life is winning the battle.
For a politician, the meaning of life is to achieve power.
For a peace activist, the meaning of life is to stop war.
For an ordinary man, the meaning of life is to live and let live.
For a sparrow, the meaning of life is just to spend life.
For a mountain, the meaning of life is just to be there.

What is your meaning of life?


  1. i am an ordinary person with the philosophy of live and let live, with the intention of helping others. Normally im not able to much , or i lack in the initiative, but the intention is there, which will be useful some time.

  2. For me, Life is a Mystry! Our existence is a big Question. I am not sure if we are real..coz when I ask myself-"Who made us, this earth, the universe, the space?", I say "GOD" and when i ask the next question "Who made God? What was there when nothing was there? who made nothing?"...GOD! I am back into my vicious thinking loop!!! and then everything is meaningless!
    Does anybody has an answer??...