Saturday, June 14, 2008

Do we have the right to crib?

when we look around us , we find so many people who are less fortunate than us.whether its a child begging at the traffic light, or a man sleeping on the flyover , or a person who is wearing a warm blanket in peak summer coz he has nothing more to cover himself, or young children puffing just forces me to think that do we have a right to crib about the jams on the road , or low voltage or the maid not turning up yet another time. It just breaks my heart to see the suffering around us. But we convinently look the other way , pretending that it doesnot exists.I feel that if all of us make just a little effort to help the less privledged around us , it will make a better place to live in .And it will also make us less guilty when we indulge in food, fun and shopping.


  1. There are many ways of looking at the world, more than what our tiny mind is capable of thinking about. While the people who are "suffering" in our opinion may actually be enjoying some of their "adventures", we sometimes feel better about our present scenario by comparing our lives to theirs. My mom used to tell me as a kid, "Eat your food well, don't leave anything in the plate. For there are many people dying of hunger in many parts of the world". I agree, it's a valid way of thinking, and perhaps makes the world a bit better at the same time.

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