Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The most creative ads from India and abroad

Chewing tobacco causes mouth cancer

Drive safely.

Child Abuse Awareness:
Most child abuse is committed by the person a child trusts

Save girl child

Feed the children

Encourage Adoption:

You never know who you'll bring home
(The Indian God Krishna was adopted early in his childhood)

Save girl child

(Nehru had only one daughter, and she went on to become the most charismatic and politically influential personality in the hearts of one billion Indians. She is highly revered even 14 years after her assassination)

Children learn fast. Don't fight at home.

Stop racism.

78% of domestic abuse incidents resulting in death occur in the victim's home.


  1. Totally totally agree with them. A social change is very necessary, and it starts right from our homes.we cannt change the society if we dont change ourselves.

  2. I am agree with you massege

    Save girl child

    Thanks & regards,