Saturday, June 14, 2008

Someone is out there!!!

Do u believe in Aliens, UFOs, and the other world? Do u think someone is out there trying to get in touch with "us"? Do u think someone is smarter than us ?

Ibelieve in it. And im sure if we all believe in it , it will make our world more "united".Imagine all the countries "getting together" "against" the aliens. we will forget all our differences , and will work together to counter them(if they are here to hurt us, that is).The stories of time stopping, abductees, or the unanswerable marks on the body , or the metal like sheets just cruching like plastic and getting back in shape, or the remains of the flying machines (or the aliens for that matter ) is just too sure, the more we ponder over it , the more it will open our minds , and bring us together!!!

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