Saturday, June 14, 2008

Treat the earth as your own

lets reuse and recycle.lets Lets treat the earth as our own.lets contribute as much as we can to keep this environment clean and healthy.we can start with simple things and make a huge difference.

1.Dont waste paper unneccsarily. Use the back side of papers which are of no use, as rough pads, instead of buying new ones. And when using fresh papers try to write a size or two small than u uaually do.u will be amazed to see how much more u can "fit in" the same paper.

2.when brushing ur teeth, turn off the tap, and turn it on when u need it. And same for shower as well. when appying soap, turn it off.

3.Dont litter.keep a polythene in ur Car, bag, Purse.

4.Try to use poythene as less as possible.

5.When staying at the hotel , try to turn off the lights and AC, if u r going out for a long time.
6. if u have overhead tanks, put a simple alarm which lets u know the tank is full and its time to turn off the motor.
i can proudly say that i follow all of the above and gives me immense satisfaction that i am contributing to save the environment, however little that may be.


  1. Read your piece about the donkey, dog and man and it made me read the whole blog,,, your piece are simple, packed full of wisdom. I enjoyed your writing. and have made a note of your blog.

  2. As a child, I once read Mahatma Gandhi's life story as a comic book. The comic showed he had an interesting habit of using sides of newspapers, magazines, and used envelopes for writing notes. Nehru asked him once "Why do you do this?". He said, "Why waste a new piece of paper when you can use an old one? It costs us trees to make them in the first place". Lesson I learnt: Great people think about their environment. Continuing the same thought, I still utilize the back side of used papers to take notes and do my rough work, I take my own backpack to the grocery store so I don't have to use their plastic bags, and I try to recycle all the plastic I use (even though city of Houston does not recycle officially).

    It's important to care about Earrth. Without Earth, we'd vanish.