Wednesday, July 2, 2008

everybody has a story

everybody has a story in their lives.whether its a man walking on the street, or a man flying a plane, a man cutting wood, or a man working on a computer.we all have a story in our life which makes us what we are today. Our attitude , our behaviour is due to what has happened to us in the past. i believe a person behaves in a certain way becoz of what he has experienced. We see people all around who are anxious, over confident, scared, happy, funny, sad, quiet, over talkitive, rude. Im reminded of a man who used had his own show on tv. He used to pick up the directory , open any page, and put his hand in any number, and call that person , and then finally make a doucumentry on him. He believed that every one has a past and a story to it. so next time u see a stranger, remember that he too has something in his life which u dont know and u dont have.


  1. I was thinking about this yesterday, even before you posted this. A telepathic connection? Maybe.

    After talking to numerous of my colleagues, I realize there is a general sense of apathy towards the vilages of India. The rural life is usually perceived to be too slow and lacklustre by citymen and women. I have always disagreed with them, and will continue to do so because I kept visiting rural areas frequently when I was in India. For meeting my relatives, and then later to work as a physician later.

    Though there are common features in most Indian villages, all of them have a unique element about them. What's more, each person in the village is unique in a certain way as well, and the contrast is perhaps as large as it is between city people.

    Many years back, when Doordarshan started the afternoon programs on TV, they would show a "documentary-like" feature on a common man or a woman in Mumbai each day. Those 30-minutes of TV time were given to seemingly random people who had nothing special about them, except that they were just like you and me. They never had any world records to hold, nor were they affiliated with any politicians and big businesses.

    At the end of the episodes, each one of them would say one line from their life which they would like the world to know. Those lines were pretty interesting and thought-provoking. A housemaid once said "It doesn't matter where you are born, what you did, and how much money you have. What matters is, how much you like everyone around you". That's some serious food for thought, if anyone cares.

  2. True, our stories makes us who we are today and it's interesting because to us our story may not be that great but when told may end up being a best seller.
    Some stories are sad, not deserved of hearing, but no matter how bad a story is, as long as we don't live in the past but embrace the true spirit of the future then our stories will truly inspire others to greatness.