Monday, March 22, 2010

who is to judge?

There are times when one realises that time is passing by so quickly, and we feel that we have not done enough for ourselves and for others. when we look around ourselves we find that people have progressed. and we seem to be stagnated in some areas of our lives. But then who decides who is successful and who is not? Should we judge ourselves, because we know ourselves the best, or Should we let others judge us, or not get judged at all?
Should we feel sorry for the time we wasted on frivolous activities, or just see them as times from which we have also learnt something , no matter how small.


  1. That is why people meditate, or write a diary. This helps to keep track of what we're doing.

  2. Thinking it over, I wonder really, who is to judge?
    I don't know, we all seem to be judges.

    I think there is a defined pattern of how the world thinks things should be, when to go to school, get a job, get married, have kids etc. and when we seem to fall short in one of these areas, we see ourselves as less successful.
    Really nature or history is the judge or is it?

  3. debbie u r right, when we fall short of expectation set by the society, we fell less successful. also i think we set some standard for ourselves, some achieveable , some not. so we should set realistic goals.